• Chocolate Cherries
    Fancy chocolates and candies are special any time. These look professional but are simple to make. Use light, dark and white chocolate and drizzle each with a different colour.
  • Coconut Broiler Icing
  • Coconut Cream Gems
    80 candies
  • Coconut Crunch Toffee
    6 servings
  • Daltons Treasure Loaf
    Add a new look to traditional fruit cake – bake it in mini shapes. Wrapped in cellophane and decorated with ribbons they make welcome gifts.
  • Easy Muesli
    about 4 cups (1L)
  • Flaky Fruit Diamonds
    A spicy dried-fruit filling sandwiched in puff pastry creates European-style pastries that taste as great as they look.
  • Fruit Bon-Bons
    Because they taste like candy, these balls of fruit are a delicious way to add fibre to your diet.
  • Ginger Delights
    Individual Microwave Fruit Puddings – Measure the ingredients for this recipe ahead of time, but mix and microwave it just before serving.
  • Date Twists
    Bake these quick and easy pastries for Sunday brunch or a special evening treat during the week.
Muffins et Tartelettes